The Great Leadership Reset: why attend?

Virtual Conference | Thursday 24 November 2022 | 09.15 – 15.45 GMT #GreatLeadershipReset

Hear from our fantastic line-up of speakers

The Great Leadership Reset is the AoEC’s brand new virtual platform to hear from a curated line-up of speakers on themes which should matter to the future growth and direction of your organisation and to how you lead your people in an era of rolling crises.

You will hear

Why the thinking around leadership philosophy and development needs to change and how a coaching approach can better resource yourself and your team in a world of complex and fast-moving change.

  • Which skills, behaviours and mindsets are best for leading through change, empowering others and resourcing yourself in the VUCA era
  • How to leave a legacy that best serves the leaders and organisations of tomorrow
  • How to become a social change agent through the power of purpose
  • Why well-doing underpins your wellbeing
  • How to see the possibilities in uncertainty and seize the upside of the unknown in the VUCA world
  • How to master the hidden dynamics of team performance and align your people most effectively
  • What is the secret sauce for building a winning company culture?